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What You Need To Know

Do all rock chips need to be repaired?

Very tiny and seemingly innocent looking rock chips will eventually crack out if not repaired. If you can see a darkspot/shadow in or near the impact point, you should have it repaired. Pitting,which is caused by sand or very tiny rocks, will occur over time on all windshields but these imperfections will not crack out. If you are unsure, give me a call-there is no charge to come and take a look. Save $$$$! Avoid the cost and hassle of a windshield replacement!

Can all rock chips be repaired?

No. Every rock chip has its own characteristics. The extent of the damage will determine repairability. I have fixed chips as large as an old silver dollar but it depends on the amount of damage. Generally any chip, half-dollar size or smaller, is repairable. I will not repair any crack longer than 6inches. Again, give me a call-there is no charge to take a look.

Is it critical to repair it right now?

Any rock chip can crack out the next time you drive your vehicle or turn on your heat/defrost or air conditioner? The sooner you have it done, the safer, and there will be less contamination from road grime which can affect the repair and the appearance of the repair when completed.


How does it work?

If you have comprehensive insurance, nearly all major insurance companies waive your deductible for a repair, making it free for you. (They do not waive your deductible for a windshield replacement) Not only do they waive the deductible but they don't consider it a claim that increases your rates. Give me a call and I can tell you if your company will pay for your chip repair.

Who handles the paperwork?

In Montana you have the right to choose whomever you want to repair your windshield. I am an approved and registered service provider with virtually all major insurance companies. Give me a call and I will handle all of the paperwork and I get paid directly from your insurance company.

What if I only have liability insurance?

Then you will have to pay out of your pocket but the cost of a repair is only a fraction of the cost of replacing a windshield. For your convenience, I accept all forms of payment including all major credit cards.

How soon can you repair my chip?

My goal is always same day service. Your convenience is top priority. I work long hours and most week-ends. It is rare that I can't get it done with-in 24 hours.

How long does it take to repair a chip?

Most chips can be repaired in 20-30 minutes and you can drive your vehicle immediately afterwards.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes! My repairs are covered by a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own your vehicle, against further spreading.

8-5 doesn't work for me. Can I get it done at other times?

Yes. I work early mornings, late evenings, and most week-ends.

Is there a charge for your mobile service?

No, there is no charge for my mobile service.

Will I get a box of steaks if I do business with you?

No. You won't get a box of steaks if you do business with me.